If you’ve recently added policies and software systems specifically for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (AKA SOX) requirements, you will also need to revamp your disaster recovery planning. Choreshiel PTE will handle your SOX compliance submissions.

What SOX says and means to you.

Interesting article ( link here and here)

SOX clearly states a harsh set of fines and other punishments for failure to comply with the law; however, it doesn’t offer any leeway when it comes to being unable to meet your requirements due to a disaster or other data-loss event. You must be able to file your reports and have the data to back them up, no matter what else may be going on in the organization or its data center. While I’m fairly sure massive disasters like the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region would mitigate some of the punishments due to SOX violation, there is no guarantee that this would be allowed. The bottom line is that even in the case of large-scale disasters, your company could be held liable if you cannot meet the requirements of the regulations.

How can we leverage experience to benefit your organization for SOX compliance?

  • File your reports, have the data for verification
  • Financial reporting of assets
  • Submitting data to SEC for compliance
  • Periodic checks and inventory management
  • Proactive equipment logistics monitoring 
  • Assistance with inventory and tracking of network components and rack locations