Myers – Briggs ENTP

16 Years Networking Telecommunications, systems support 

22 Years Computer Geek

40 Years Sci-Fi Fanatic

50+ Years as a human

Being sincere, stable, helpful and faithful is important to me. I believe in keeping promises, fulfilling commitments. I personally practice pitching in as a team player, helping team members to learn, and understanding their purpose, not just their function. Being a boss is more than just barking out orders. Doing any job should never be beneath anyone in the tech field, “working in the trenches,” as we say, because this is how you learn to manage more efficiently. Listening to constructive criticism from those under you is critical. I pay attention to those who think outside the box, and drill into anything technical to crack a challenging problem, or figure how to make something work or work better. I will always thrive on learning something new.


  • Network Technician – Duke Center for International Development, Durham 
  • CALO Intern – Cisco Systems, RTP 
  • Site Evaluation Tech – Networld Consulting, Inc. w/ Mohegan IT, DC/MD/VA 
  • Senior Technical Specialist III – Time Warner Cable, NC
  • Network Engineer – IBM Network Operations, RTP
  • Network/Telephony Admin. – ITSD US Operations Oxford University Press, Cary 
  • Network Engineer – AT&T GCSC, Durham
  • Network Operations Team – First Citizens Bank, Raleigh
  • ENS Break/Fix, DC Site Lead – HCL America/Facebook, DFW
  • Network Engineer III SDWAN SA Team – CenturyLink, Wake Forest 
  • TAC ENT R/S, Shift Lead – Cisco Systems, RTP 
  • VITA (Commonwealth of VA) NOC Tier 3

Companies I have worked with