Success in staffing solutions

We understand how critical it is to find the right, highly qualified individual. We believe in quality over quantity, thus we only send competent candidates who have been pre-screened. We recruit qualified candidates for permanent and temporary/contract roles. We take pride in locating high-quality, pre-screened personnel for our clients, thereby assisting in the development of professional relationships.


Does your company need a contract base candidate? Do you need to complete a project and want more smart hands. We will search for and develop a candidate to fit in your organization’s needs.

Applicant Tracking

Sourcing out a compatible candidate to fill that position in your company cannot get easier. We offer applicant tracking to make sure your candidate is suitable for the company.

Screening Assessments

We can assess the knowledge and proficiency of any POTENTIAL candidates at any level of expertise, individually or as a group to bring more value to your organization's needs.

Scheduling and staffing

Onboarding and Development

We can also train, mentor and develop a HIRED candidate in Network Architecture, Deployment, Engineering and Network Automation.